Use Effective Communication to Improve Business Productivity

When building your company you’ll quickly learn that communication is key. Eliminating miscommunication can not only save you time but money and relationships with your clients, partners and affiliates.Many start ups, especially virtual teams, lack even the basic verbal and written communication that’s needed to provide an excellent client experience. These communication systems don’t have to be complex in order to be useful and effective in your business.Let’s use a coach using a group session via conference line as an example.When you first begin using group coaching session it’s hard to remember all that needs to be done. You may find yourself as the coach running late to the call and worrying that the clients will leave. Or at the end of the call look for the recording and find it was never started.Each of these problems is an opportunity to improve your communication with the team and create useful systems.Your written system may include that the project manager for your business be on the phone 5 minutes before the call to test the line. At 4 and 2 minutes til start time the PM will announce the call and give reminders for listeners. At the start of the call the PM starts the recording and monitors incoming questions.Each of these things can be done automatically when the system is communicated and then followed. The host will never have to say “uh, did we start the recording?” on the call or multitask to check herself. The host will also not have to wonder if the participants know to press *4 to ask a question and that questions should be succinct as we want to have time for every person to contribute to the call.These written directions are great, but you’ll want to talk to the PM and make sure this system is effective. By getting verbal feedback you’ll have the opportunity to express why each of these elements is important and understand any problems or objections from the team.Every time you think of something that “should” be done in business, from sending reminder emails to collecting payments, you should clearly communicate your expectations.So much time is wasted going back and forth wondering if a task was completed, who was responsible or if it was done correctly. Our productivity is diminished both by managing tasks that should be automatically done and coming back to fix problems after the fact.As a business owner you must create systems and communicate expectations with your team. This will ensure that each routine task is completed as you have requested and when there are problems your team acts efficiently to step in, resolve the problem and all without your instruction every step of the way.

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